1. Finish reading Running for My Life
  2. Watch this video about Lopez Lomong
  3. Fill out the book discussion guide
  4. Watch this video about our guest speaker today, Leonard Bagalwa
  5. Watch this Geography Now about Leonard Bagalwa’s home country, DRCongo.
  6. Continue practicing your Africa map quiz.

Presentations: Julianne Barney, Dante Catmull, Meredith Twyman.

Homework Checkoff Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O61wHZAutQ7C02OMhkMyhd_iY20Y-GPfRvhQgJzgBv4/edit?usp=sharing

Optional fun stuff

Watch Most Dangerous Way to School – Ethiopia.

Check out Leonard Bagalwa’s local organization – Utah Valley Refugees.

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