April 28 – PARTAY!

Today we will be having a party with an international food feast and geography games.

Homework due today:

  1. Bring an international food to share. Bring your food ready to serve. Have a card to post in front of your dish that says your name, the name of the food, where it is from, and any other interesting information you have to share.
  2. Test yourself and see how awesome you are by trying this massive countries of the world quiz! If you want, post your high score on our Slack channel and see how you stack up against the competition!
  3. If you want to, find a cool international song and send it to Sis. Stanfill at vanessa.stanfill@gmail.com for our party soundtrack. Here is my Icelandic submission, to get your inspiration flowing.
  4. There will be a survey about our class forthcoming, please fill it out when available.

More things:

OK here’s my runner up Icelandic music video! So many sweet moves!

April 21 – Africa

  1. Finish reading Running for My Life
  2. Watch this video about Lopez Lomong
  3. Fill out the book discussion guide
  4. Watch this video about our guest speaker today, Leonard Bagalwa
  5. Watch this Geography Now about Leonard Bagalwa’s home country, DRCongo.
  6. Continue practicing your Africa map quiz.

Presentations: Julianne Barney, Dante Catmull, Meredith Twyman.

Homework Checkoff Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O61wHZAutQ7C02OMhkMyhd_iY20Y-GPfRvhQgJzgBv4/edit?usp=sharing

Optional fun stuff

Watch Most Dangerous Way to School – Ethiopia.

Check out Leonard Bagalwa’s local organization – Utah Valley Refugees.

April 14 – Africa

  1. Read the “Africa” chapter of Prisoners of Geography
  2. Start practicing the Africa map on Seterra
  3. Start reading Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong. We will be discussing this book on April 21.
  4. Watch a Geography Now Africa episode
  5. Watch “Most Dangerous Ways to School: Kenya”

Presentations: Samantha AND anyone who signed up for a PREVIOUS date and hasn’t presented yet. If you would like to earn the GLOBETROTTER AWARD, this is your last chance.

Homework Checkoff Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M9XyyKhIbggHzry3N3C9Da8aJI1iCWLWGzfdqhYwEO0/edit?usp=sharing

Middle East – March 31


  1. Watch the movie Wadjda. I recommend watching with a parent so you can discuss this movie with them. Come prepared to narrate the storyline of the movie for the class.
  2. Complete this study guide about the movie.
  3. Read this current article about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Watch this interview with the director of Wadjda
  5. Watch a Geography Now from this list
  6. Catch up on any reading or work you need to do for your Globetrotter Award. Please check the page here to final dates and submission forms.

Now is a great time to make sure you have our Africa book: Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong. You can start reading now! You are going to LOVE THIS BOOK!

Fun Stuff

Video about the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr.

Fun games here and here in case you missed them on Slack

Presentations – Jaya, Raja, Claire, Jed

Anyone else want to catch up on their presentation this week? Let us know ASAP!

Homework checkoff sheet


March 25 – Middle East and Islam

  1. Read the Middle East chapter in Prisoners of Geography. Write down five interesting facts from the chapter and bring them to class.
  2. Practice your Middle East map on Seterra. It’s pretty simple, so once you’ve got it why don’t you practice the Middle East and Asia.
  3. Watch a Geography Now from this list
  4. Watch this video about the founding of Islam
  5. Watch this video about the LDS religion and Islam and then read the pamphlet. (Yes, the whole thing, it’s not long.)

PRESENTATIONS – Jaya, Joshua Mock, John Perkey, Parr Young

Homework Checklist


March 17 – Field Trip to Paleontology Museum

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will be getting an awesome behind-the-scenes tour of the museum, where they do the actual work of dinosaur research, by a BYU graduate student! The thing is, we need to be there RIGHT on time if we’re going to catch him! So…

*Arrive at class at 12:55 PM. We will be leaving at exactly 1:00 PM! If you are late, you will miss out!*

Homework for this class period

  1. Start practicing your Middle East Seterra!
  2. Watch one of these geology/Europe documentaries: The Alps or Iceland Volcanoes or Vesuvius
  3. Watch a Geography Now from this list.
  4. Catch up on your Globetrotter award work

Extra fun stuff



Check out “GeoBee”, an app available on your phone (so fun!)

Homework Checkoff List


March 10 – Europe

Today we will have a guest speaker from Ukraine!

Homework for this class period

1. Read the “Western Europe” chapter from “Prisoners of Geography”

2. Watch a Geography Now episode from this list

3. Watch this video as background for our guest speaker. It covers some ground we’ve already discussed in class, but also has useful historical background maps that really helped me better understand the importance of the USSR, NATO and the Warsaw Pact in regards to today’s war in Ukraine.

4. If you plan on getting the Globetrotter Award, check the requirements here. We have also posted photos of the award options for those who complete the award! They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! This week is a great time to catch up on what you’ve missed so far this semester.

Presentations: Lincoln Swan, Linnea Nelson, Olivia Bruening, Parr Young

Depth Learning

Learn more about Russia’s President Putin in this interesting video. This video is five years old, but the information is more relevant than ever.

European eye candy. Here’s more. Oh my gosh, let’s go guys.

Homework Checkoff Page


March 3 – European Geography

This week we will begin learning European geography and discuss our book “A Woman in the Polar Night”

Note to mentors: this homework may change depending on speaker availability

Homework to prepare for this class:

1.Start practicing the Europe map on Seterra

2. Read the Arctic chapter in Prisoners of Geography. Bring a list of 5 interesting things you learned from this chapter.

3. Finish reading “A Woman in the Polar Night”

4. Highlight your favorite passage in “A Woman in the Polar Night” and bring it to share with the class, and come prepared to tell us why you like that passage best.

5. Pick five words that you think best describe this book and bring them to class.

6. Watch this video about a nation in the Arctic Circle

Presentations: Lincoln, Abby, Leslie, Josh Silva

Homework Check-off Page


Fun stuff

See what it looks like as polar night begins on Svalbard! First 7 minutes are the best.

A beautiful short film about a Sami man who lives in northern Norway.

Another video of midnight sun and polar night, this one in Sweden. This lady is essentially the Swedish version of China’s Li Ziqi. And this is my all time favorite video by her!!! Here’s another fun one about ice singing!

Watch a Geography Now episode about one of the northern countries, or a country near Ukraine, off this list.

February 24th – Russia & Rocks and Minerals

We will discussing Russia and identifying rocks and minerals in class today.

If you want to see our photos from the field trip last week, use the word “posters” and push enter. Then click on the post again and it should show up for you.

Homework to prepare for this class period

1. Read Russia chapter of Prisoners of Geography. Pay especially close attention to the sections about Crimea and the Ukraine.

2. Get about 2/3 of the way through A Woman In the Polar Night.

3. Watch Geography Now Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8zAbdYx9SU

4. Massive world conflict is developing in Russia this week. To understand why, first watch this video about Alexei Navalny. Then, watch this video about the Russia/Ukraine crisis. Then, go on google news and see what’s happening in Russia today. Write a paragraph summary of what is happening with this evolving situation on the Russia/Ukraine border.

5. Watch this video about the rock cycle.

6. Don’t forget to keep practicing your Asia map on Seterra! We will be back to this map during our Mideast class section.

Depth Learning:

Watch Most Dangerous Ways to School Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HXXJg4vDF8&t=98s

Homework Checkoff Sheet: