Today we will be having a party with an international food feast and geography games.

Homework due today:

  1. Bring an international food to share. Bring your food ready to serve. Have a card to post in front of your dish that says your name, the name of the food, where it is from, and any other interesting information you have to share.
  2. Test yourself and see how awesome you are by trying this massive countries of the world quiz! If you want, post your high score on our Slack channel and see how you stack up against the competition!
  3. If you want to, find a cool international song and send it to Sis. Stanfill at for our party soundtrack. Here is my Icelandic submission, to get your inspiration flowing.
  4. There will be a survey about our class forthcoming, please fill it out when available.

More things:

OK here’s my runner up Icelandic music video! So many sweet moves!

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