This week we will be visiting the BYU MOA to see their awesome French Posters exhibit! Please be at class right at 1 PM to turn in homework and pile into our vans. We will be leaving at 1:05 PM sharp. Please bring a phone (with cell reception and a camera) if you have one!

Homework due for this class period:

  1. Read Korea/Japan chapter of Prisoners of Geography. After reading, write a funny dialogue between North and South Korea, who have very distinctive personalities. For a sample, here is a recent video clip from North Korea. Here is a popular video from South Korea.

2. Start Reading A Woman in the Polar Night. We will be discussing it March 10th. This book may be challenging reading for you so I recommend you start now.

3. Watch Most Dangerous Ways to School Himalaya

4. Don’t forget to practice for our next quiz at Seterra!

Depth Learning:

Very few people have been allowed in to North Korea and to witness what life is actually like there. “Under the Sun”, a Russian documentary about real life in North Korea, available at the library or on YouTube. Before you watch this movie, I recommend doing a little basic background research on conditions in communist North Korea (ask your parents for recommendations on sources they feel appropriate) and read the Wikipedia article about this documentary.

For a hilarious take, try watching the first episode of Crash Landing On You, a fun, cheesy Korean drama about the differences between North and South Korea. There are a few minor swear words in this episode.

A few tidbits from class last week:

Here is the promised video of Cambodian Apsara Dance

Watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – a beautiful classic Chinese film. This movie is rated PG-13 so please consult with your parents before watching.

The Rescue is a documentary about the real-life rescue of a Thai soccer team from a flooded cave. Available on Disney+. Be aware this story is VERY intense! Amazing!

Check out the Thai water festival!

Homework Checkoff Sheet

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