Today we will have a guest speaker from Ukraine!

Homework for this class period

1. Read the “Western Europe” chapter from “Prisoners of Geography”

2. Watch a Geography Now episode from this list

3. Watch this video as background for our guest speaker. It covers some ground we’ve already discussed in class, but also has useful historical background maps that really helped me better understand the importance of the USSR, NATO and the Warsaw Pact in regards to today’s war in Ukraine.

4. If you plan on getting the Globetrotter Award, check the requirements here. We have also posted photos of the award options for those who complete the award! They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! This week is a great time to catch up on what you’ve missed so far this semester.

Presentations: Lincoln Swan, Linnea Nelson, Olivia Bruening, Parr Young

Depth Learning

Learn more about Russia’s President Putin in this interesting video. This video is five years old, but the information is more relevant than ever.

European eye candy. Here’s more. Oh my gosh, let’s go guys.

Homework Checkoff Page

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