This week we will begin learning European geography and discuss our book “A Woman in the Polar Night”

Note to mentors: this homework may change depending on speaker availability

Homework to prepare for this class:

1.Start practicing the Europe map on Seterra

2. Read the Arctic chapter in Prisoners of Geography. Bring a list of 5 interesting things you learned from this chapter.

3. Finish reading “A Woman in the Polar Night”

4. Highlight your favorite passage in “A Woman in the Polar Night” and bring it to share with the class, and come prepared to tell us why you like that passage best.

5. Pick five words that you think best describe this book and bring them to class.

6. Watch this video about a nation in the Arctic Circle

Presentations: Lincoln, Abby, Leslie, Josh Silva

Homework Check-off Page

Fun stuff

See what it looks like as polar night begins on Svalbard! First 7 minutes are the best.

A beautiful short film about a Sami man who lives in northern Norway.

Another video of midnight sun and polar night, this one in Sweden. This lady is essentially the Swedish version of China’s Li Ziqi. And this is my all time favorite video by her!!! Here’s another fun one about ice singing!

Watch a Geography Now episode about one of the northern countries, or a country near Ukraine, off this list.

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