Today we do fun hands-on activities exploring tectonic plates and earthquakes.

Homework to prepare for this class

Watch Making North America: Origins

Read Rocks Rivers pages 125-129 and do all activities.

Keep reading Esperanza Rising

Prepare your passport by gluing in the materials provided for you. Designate one section for geography and one for science. Mark landforms on your map and glue it into your geography section of your passport. Record what you’ve learned about latitude/longitude, and the GPS system. Study where the countries are on your North/Central American map in preparation for the quiz. Record any other interesting things you learn from your reading or documentary this week. Writing down or illustrating what you’ve learned helps you process and organize what you’ve learned, and moves your learning from short-term memory into long-term memory.

Print and fill out checklist to turn in.

Blank North America map

Blank US States map

Depth Learning

Do the first five units of Kahn Academy’s Plate Tectonics class

Try out these games! North America landforms and US states!

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