This week we discuss Esperanza Rising, make some yummy food and learn from a Navajo/Shoshone guest speaker.

Homework to prepare for this class

Finish reading Esperanza Rising

Fill out your Esperanza Rising book discussion questions

Watch Most Dangerous Way to School: Mexico

Record what you learned about geology and plate tectonics as well as any other interesting things you have learned so far in class or while doing homework.

Continue studying North/Central America map for final quiz. Let’s see how much we have improved!

Continue preparing for your presentation.

Print and fill out homework checklist

Depth Learning

Note from Sis. Stanfill: Jed requested that we have MORE homework, because he loves science. So I have added a few extra fun things to watch and learn about this week. Please do not feel like you have to do every one of these options. BUT if you’re easily getting through the regular homework and want more… DIG IN! (Get it?)

Do Kahn Academy’s Seismic Waves and the Earth’s Structure unit

Check out this awesome geological mystery from Mexico last week. One possible explanation.

Check out the newest volcano in Iceland: Geldingadalir! That mid-Atlantic rift (divergent oceanic plates!) just gets cooler and cooler. More geological information.

A documentary about the Pacific Ring of Fire

Start work on your Globetrotter Award.

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